Make a Difference

Here are some simple things you can do to make a difference in the 2019 and 2020 elections.


Strong fundraising by campaigns brings notoriety, enthusiastic volunteers and powerful endorsements, all of which are needed to counteract the GOP’s mountain of super PAC cash. Whatever you’re able to give, please consider donating to campaigns that you truly believe in.


Knocking on doors and having conversations with voters is the most powerful way to turn stay-at-home and reluctant voters into enthusiastic voters who recruit their friends. We partner with several groups in Montgomery County to organize canvassing events in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Sign up here!

Phone bank

Calling people is a great way to engage voters and get them up to speed on the issues. We partner with several groups in Montgomery County to organize phone banks for candidates across the country. Sign up here!

Text bank

Texting has brought a revolution in voter outreach efforts. Texting voters, similar to making phone calls, is a simple way to engage voters, inform them of the issues and get them to the polls. Check this space for the availability of text bank events and opportunities to text from home.


Writing postcards with simple, powerful messages is a critical way to get voters out come election day.

Host events

It’s always more fun to do outreach in a group! Open up your house to others in the community for a night of contacting voters across the country. Contact us and we’ll help you set up the event.

Register voters

Registering people to vote is absolutely essential or a functioning democracy. Indivisible Montgomery works with many groups in the county to register voters. Contact us and we’ll direct you to the folks running the various voter registration efforts in Montgomery County.

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